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9 facts about ABS plastic door Korea

ABS door technology is the most modern technology in Korea today. Initially, the ABS door technology was developed in Korea to match the weather, cold winter weather but not the door contraction, summer heat does not crack. ABS doors have now grown to other countries such as Asia, Africa, even areas near the sea with high salinity moisture content, the sea breeze blowing up well.
In Korea, all 100% of condominium projects that require construction permits are required to use one of two types of doors: an ABS door and a steel door. Why? Since there is a lot of fire in Korea, it is important to choose fireproof materials. ABS door material has good film resistance. When the fire occurs, the ABS door is burnt, the plastic will sun and flow down, not flare into the fire as wood door material.

ABS plastic door Korea does not absorb water, moisture is very good, so it is suitable for tropical humidity of Vietnam, especially the season. Should be installed in the toilet, used for a long time not moldy, or termites eat wood door, not warped or flaky as industrial wood doors, wooden sticks. Because it does not absorb water, it does not sag down like a wooden door. Anti-scratch ABS doors are better than wooden doors and industrial wood. The summer heat, cold in winter, will cause the door to crack, but the ABS door is okay.
Doors are lightweight, so when opened softly, smoothly, suitable for the elderly and children, not as heavy as wooden doors. The wind blows at the door or when the door is closed, it does not emit a loud noise that feels like a shock. Keep quiet and polite for the room and not cause discomfort to the surrounding apartment.
Doors are non-toxic when exposed to high temperatures. No smoke, no toxic odor such as wood door or industrial wood door. ABS plastic material is environmentally friendly, helping to protect the health.
ABS door when dust is cleaned just as clean. When the paint stick, then just use the solvent is clean. The wooden door is cling so difficult to clean.
ABS plastic is not as common as in Vietnam. ABS plastic can be easily cut, planed, opaque. But normal plastic does not do that. Beautiful design, eye-catching, modern style, suitable for aesthetic trends of young households today.
Hinges: Heavy wooden doors in Vietnam should use negative hinges, when touching each other emits sound. Easy to use hinges, compact design, just enough pressure because the door light. This hinge is suitable for construction, good features, when closed in the hinges to fit into one and do not emit sound.

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