Aluminum doors xingfa system today. How to identify and classify?




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Aluminum doors xingfa system today. How to identify and classify?

Aluminum doors xingfa system designed revolving doors, sliding doors, sliding doors. With diversified designs, modern xingfa aluminum doors are becoming the trend. Each door system has its own characteristics and features. So do you really know how to identify and classify them? See the article immediately to find out!

Aluminum door singfa door system and how to identify it

We can arrange xingfa aluminum doors into 3 basic groups: sliding doors, sliding doors, sliding doors.

Basically all kinds of doors are made up of high-profile aluminum. Aluminum alloys include components: Al, Mg, and Si. An Lap Phat provides aluminum bar with standard electrostatic surface treatment process to ensure sharp color, durability even in severe weather.

You can easily choose the stylish white porcelain xingfa aluminum doors or the mysterious black, gray, ...

Aluminum doors xingfa open rotation

Standard profile structure. Thickness of 0.8 - 2mm. Door systems are commonly used: xingfa 55, xingfa 76, ...

The door is designed with a cylindrical bar, allowing the door to open and rotate to a 180-degree angle. Door to meet effective space expansion. Commonly used for front doors, regular doors.

Flexible opening and turning doors in and out include: 1 wing, 2 wings, 4 wings or 6 wings depending on the needs of the owner.

Use single-point and multi-point locks to ensure absolute safety.

Genuine Xingfa doors are 100% imported from Guangdong, China. You can also look to local aluminum profiles companies for product advice and warranty benefits.

Aluminum sliding doors xingfa (sliding doors)

Designed based on sliding rails: vertical or horizontal sliding.

Aluminum sliding doors with 1 wing: 1 fixed door, 1 wing moves back and forth in a flexible way

Aluminum sliding doors with 2 wings: 2 doors are equipped with sliding wheels to allow horizontal sliding without fixed position. Therefore, it is possible to expand the space maximum.

Doors are monolithic, does not occupy space. Good vibration, heat and impact resistance

Aluminum sliding doors xingfa

If you are looking for a high-quality aluminum door, it will fit and expand the living space. The sliding door xingfa is the most ideal choice.

Designed with rotating shaft structure combined with wheels. Some common names: folding sliding doors, folding sliding doors.

This door is often used for the door width is large width, need to expand all sizes and stow.

Although there are many sets of attached wings, however, you can be assured to operate in a convenient and gentle way, without worrying about sagging wings, damaged hinges after using time. You should also apply the 5 easiest ways to clean aluminum glass doors to make the door always like new

Classification of aluminum door system xingfa

Door system 55

Door system is used as a rotating opening door. With soundproofing, thermal insulation features. The colors of the copy: white porcelain, gray gray, mysterious black, ...

Door system 76

Door system 76 is only used as a revolving door. Depending on the purpose of use, you can use one or more wings. Use even low-rise and high-rise buildings.

Door system 700

This door system is usually designed toilets or kitchen doors. The thickness is lower than that of the other door systems, reaching 0.8mm.

Door system 63

Application of sliding doors with fixed umbrellas with the design of 4-door and 6-leaf doors. Suitable for the houses need large door frame. Profile aluminum hollow cavity structure, grooved wall engineering is carefully calculated. Sliding doors with fixed umbrellas operate on the principle of horizontal sliding on rails, or some of the swing open blades. Becoming a trend for architecture of townhouses, villas, resorts ...

Door system YH24

Application of sliding doors (sliding doors) of EPDM sealing systems, tight, synchronized metal accessories. Create durable, robust door sets that withstand strong impact. Homeowners can easily "transform" to expand the maximum space. Rich in colors, diverse sizes, modern design, comfortable. Fixed umbrellas are set above the door with a sense of prosperity, absorbing many sources of energy into the house.