The secret of choosing the door for the house - copy




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The secret of choosing the door for the house - copy

My father used to say "one year at home, three years at the door," indicating that the door was a very important part of the house.
Previously, for traditional houses, doors were usually made of open-ended wood in combination with iron bars and wood blades. The houses are more luxurious architecture, the windows are designed in glass, lightning, in the middle of the iron and wooden doors.
With the development of socio-economy, the traditional doors are gradually replaced by modern doors with noise-protection, heat-resistant, dust-proof, durable, multi-mode and less paint-resistant. periodic. Modern doors include: door frames, door frames and rugs made of different types of profiles such as uPVC, aluminum, aluminum wood or treated wood.
Modern doors do not use iron or steel blades that are replaced with safety glasses, toughened glass or glass boxes decorated and use sunblind curtain. In addition, modern doors also have accessories with multi-point, double anti-aging gasket on the mold and the door, when the wing is pressed firmly on the mold to ensure high tightness.

Currently, uPVC profiles are being used most commonly in the world because they are much more affordable than aluminum profiles with insulated bridges and wood profiles. Aluminum profiles have thermal insulation more than 1.5 to 2 times the uPVC profile. The price of wood is much higher, so only high-end villa projects will be used. UPVC profiles are mainly suitable for apartment buildings, villas with single doors, independent walls. Office buildings, commercial centers, buildings often use large aluminum glass wall because the aluminum profile is light weight, good strength, meet the standard of hardness.

The uPVC profile consists of: Acrylic Polymers for durable, strong impact resistance; Stabilizer helps the plastic to withstand the effects of heat and ultraviolet light; wax to create a glossy surface, beautiful profile, additives to help prevent oxidation, keep the original beauty. The profile construction has the cavity to provide good insulation, steel core to enhance the bearing capacity.

In the current window market is the thin aluminum profile and weak, there is no insulation, so the heat transfer ability is very high. However, to save money, aluminum is used without insulation. With the harsh climate in Vietnam, this type of aluminum profile will not work against heat in the summer and heat loss in winter. Modern doors must use aluminum profiles with thermal bridges, although the cost is higher than aluminum without insulation but thermal insulation is very high.

Aluminum profiles are difficult to distinguish, the hardness varies depending on the chemical components such as copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, silicon, titanium components to help aluminum profiles lightweight, durable. When selecting aluminum profiles, use aluminum profiles with insulation bridges to minimize thermal conductivity and note the chemical components that increase the hardness of the profile. With aluminum, especially important paint, electrostatic coating technology helps aluminum color diversity to suit various architectural styles.

With wood profiles, to avoid cracking or shrinkage due to changes in humidity and weather, so from the treatment of materials with drying technology will minimize the moisture absorption of wood, help the door is not bent. warping, shrinkage, termites, discoloration in use. Because wood profiles are expensive, only luxury villas will be used.

Simple glass is very fragile and insecure, so modern doors use toughened glass, safety glass and heat resistant glass. To achieve soundproofing, it is recommended to use glass boxes manufactured on modern technology. In the cavity between the two layers of glass, there are desiccant particles that make the glass always dry. Injected glass to reduce the transmission of sound, heat transfer.

There are different types of doors so the accessories are also different. Normally, to save money, people often choose sliding doors because this door has very simple accessory. However, due to the two parallel sliding wings forming the gap between the two wings, although the manufacturers have used the brush to block this gap but still do not ensure the tightness of the high, causing the sound insulation. , poor insulation. In order not to affect the space in the room, people often use the window open or open to open out. The open door can be used for both low-rise and high-rise buildings, but only 450 is open and limited to glass cleaning and openings turn out if used for tall buildings, The door is easily damaged and falls under the danger. So, to ensure safety, tall buildings now use only sliding windows, open windows that open inward or open windows turn inward.
Seals are an important part of the door, if the gasket is not good will soon be aging, loss of elasticity, shorten the podium after a short time of use. So, choose a double layer anti-aging double gasket
At present, there are many quality suppliers in the Vietnamese market, with large factories but also many handicraft production facilities. With a modern door that ensures tightness, sound insulation, high insulation, long-term use, it is necessary to have factories producing modern and advanced production lines. So when choosing the door should look at the prestigious brands have advanced production lines of machinery, good after-sales warranty.