Aluminum doors xingfa - Smart choice for your home




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Aluminum doors xingfa - Smart choice for your home

With outstanding features: soundproofing, thermal insulation, watertight, ... Aluminum doors are increasingly affirming the position and influence in all architectural works. Become the most popular product line today. So what about you, did you really know about aluminum doors?

Aluminum doors xingfa - Top 4 best product line today

The name xingfa aluminum is "a name" that is no longer strange to people. The genuine aluminum origin comes from Guangdong (China). Aluminum bar is surface treated by advanced powder coating technology. At the same time technical groove structure helps absolute waterproofing.

However, imported aluminum xingfa is difficult to distinguish. Although there is a red stamp certifying the status of counterfeit and fake goods is more and more sophisticated. Therefore, consumers often tend to favor domestic products. In other words, xingfa aluminum doors are manufactured by reputable factories that guarantee quality and you can benefit from a number of benefits: warranty, advice, on-site delivery, etc.

What are the outstanding features of xingfa aluminum doors you need to know?

Why aluminum xingfa is the best aluminum line. If you are still not sure whether to choose aluminum shaped high-end doors. Then An Lap Phat affirmed to you, aluminum xingfa helps your home an exceptionally durable.

Sound insulation, insulation

With increasing urbanization. Finding a quiet place at home is really difficult. Solutions of sound insulation, insulation are always the homeowners most concerned.

With modern design. Thoroughly free slot combined with rubber gasket system to create tightness. Uses soundproofing effectively. Also you can save a lot of money by saving electricity. Aluminum doors are also a "golden" solution for families with young children. Help your baby sleep better, study better.

Sure, withstand bumps

The aluminum bar is designed as a box, dual ron system, accompanied by a thickness of 0.8-2mm. Creating certainty, sustainability for your home. The product line is also manufactured by hydraulic technology. Do not use screw slots for conventional door structures. Ensure absolute safety and durability.

Many experiments find that. Premium aluminum doors can withstand even severe storms. Especially, the color of electrostatic coating does not fade even the most severe weather in Vietnam.

Absorb light, prevent air pollution

Absorb natural light

According to health experts. If working in natural light, the work efficiency is 10 times. So when building apartments, large urban. You will easily see aluminum glass doors, partitions, facades appear more and more. Creating open living spaces. Harmony with nature. At the same time, exchange air in and out to help your health better.

Super fine dust prevention

You've probably heard a lot of the "super fine dust" story today: PM10 and PM2.5.

The latest statistics (early 2017) from the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring (Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City), PM 10 dust pollution in Ho Chi Minh City are mainly caused by vehicle emissions. 70.42% of data exceeds the permitted standard.

Not to mention, the emissions of SO2, NO2, CO also irritate the mucosa, even cause chemical asphyxiation if inhaled in large quantities.

What is the solution?

Equip your home with a quality and durable aluminum glass doors. Aluminum xingfa will help prevent dirt from outside. But still ensure the best absorption of air and prosperity.